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Why Golf Is Good For The Soul

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Few years ago I discovered golf for myself thanks to my husband and my two sons.   The boys were quite younger then but they had already spent a few years on the golf course enjoying the outdoors and perfecting their swing.  I started playing golf just to have fun with them, but I was surprised to learn how invigorating and revitalizing this sport is!

It’s Good for My Brain

In addition to wandering around the rich, lush greenery on a pleasant day, you really have to think about your strategy – where you want to hit that ball and try and scupper your opponent’s game!

And a Pleasurable Exercise

I exercise my arms – golf helped me to develop great muscle tone!  And, if I chose to walk across a golf course instead of taking a cart, it becomes an amazing cardiovascular activity.

Great Way to Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

I’ve made many new friends on the golf course!  And there’s nothing I like more than spending a weekend’s morning or afternoon at my local golf course with my own family.  Golf is something we can all play together.   I really enjoy watching my sons improve their skill while I’m also learning and growing in my ability.

A Great Stress Reliever

Golf is a great stress reliever for me.   Not only it’s good mind-training exercise, it also takes my mind away from other things.  I need to concentrate: as soon as I take my eye off the ball I can fall behind.   But I also love the smell of the grass, and I enjoy the feeling of wind as I swing my club.   And a game isn’t over in an instant!  With 18 holes to cover there’s plenty of time to feel any stress leave my body.   By the end of it I am physically exhilarated and mentally rejuvenated.

Caution: Be Sun Smart

It is important to remember to be sun smart when playing golf.   Please wear SPF 50 on any exposed areas, re-apply your suncream every two hours.  Even on a overcast day 80% of the harmful UV radiation penetrates through clouds.  I always wear some sun-sensible clothing.  Not only does it protect my skin from the UVA and UVB rays, it also looks great.  The best type of clothing to choose includes UV blocking golf trousers and long sleeve shirts as opposed to shorts or short sleeves.  I wear a g light weight hat with a large brim.  And try to keep myself in the shade as much as possible using one of the large golfing umbrellas.   In addition, I avoid playing golf during the heat of the day (10 am to 4 pm).  And bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration: I sip it at regular intervals.

I encourage you to try golfing.   It really is a terrific sport and once you’ve had a few lessons and got into the swing of it (pardon the pun) you’ll find you’ve introduced a worthwhile pastime into your life which promises to invigorate and revitalise!

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