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Maxi Skirt

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I love a casual ensemble as much as the next easygoing woman, but sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with a laidback outfit for the day that still slays—or at least, you know, get people to look at you twice. And since I’m a woman who has been set in my sun sensible ways, I can’t exactly sport a trending pair of cropped jeans or striped cut-offs. Hence, one of my casual outfit go-to’s is the maxi skirt.

Granted, the maxi skirt is not something that is limited to my kind of wardrobe—so many other women incorporate it in their street style or work wear. But the maxi skirt works on a quintessential level for me. I’ve found that, in addition to covering me up well against the sun, it also adds glam to a casual outfit.

My take on it is romantic-chic. I wore a long cotton-skirt by Temptation Positano, who is known for elegant, hand-sewn pieces worthy of a trip to the beach or the countryside. The cotton skirt itself has intricate lace details, and is very breathable and lightweight. There was no need to expose more skin because the fabric let in enough air to keep me cool. I wore it with a matching loose, lace top that has ¾ sleeves. It’s not the usual full-length sleeves that I wear, but the coverage was good enough.

For accessories, I put on a fedora and mirrored pink sunnies. I also donned some delicate jewelry—I mixed metals for a more vogue statement. A set of the same metals would be too drab, especially since the outfit worked as a canvas for something more experimental with accessories. But I went easy on it because I didn’t want something that was too overpowering. A couple of choice, exquisite pieces is enough.

I stuck to light, pastel hues for my outfit, except for a bright, beautiful woven handbag that added a splash of color and interesting texture that blended well with the rest of what I’m wearing.

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