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Pajamas in Public

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Sartorial trends as of late are a mixed bag: there are crazy, wacky fads, then there are those tasteful enough to have staying power. Wearing pajamas in public, though, is a sun-sensible style trend I am completely dipping into. In that case, this trend might just be relevant to my sun-protective wardrobe for a while!

Protection and Comfort

Just think about it: wearing pajamas in public offers excellent sun protection AND all the same comfort that lulls you to sleep.  Pajamas enters a whole new level of casual cool, just like athleisure.  In addition, it doesn’t hurt that fast-fashion and high-end brands are churning out very chic pajama options.

The one I’m wearing has a whimsical print that takes inspiration from circus performances, magic, and thorny florals. The motif contrasts with the tea pink hue, which I simply adore. It’s all about a balanced design!

The key to wearing pajamas in public

Dress it up!  You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and forgot the fashion code. Instead, you want to look like you intended to stay comfortable throughout the day in your pajamas.

My take? Vamp it up with choice accessories. I wore chunky heels and sun-protective essentials, including round glasses from Christopher Kane and a handwoven straw hat from Maison Michel. The overall look turned out to give off a bold, quirky vibe—but nevertheless modern!

Do you like to wear pajamas in public? What sun-sensible style trends are you trying out this summer? Sound off in the comments section!

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