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Jumpsuit as a Practical Alternative to Summer Dresses

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You can wear a jumpsuit to do anything.

Jumpsuits are a power player in my wardrobe. They’re the practical alternative to flowy summer dresses, and they are just as dressy and flexible. I just love jumpsuits, especially since they are so easy to wear, and protective from the sun at the same time—that is, when you are sporting the full-length jumpsuit style.

So when I had errands to run in the city, I chose to wear this Polo Ralph Lauren embroidered flight jumpsuit. It’s a chic take on the classic aviation style, and is the epitome of convenient summer dressing. Of course, the structure of my jumpsuit is made for maximum coverage, with long sleeves and a full pant-length. This cotton one-piece is in a nude hue, too.  At the back is an embroidered detail; I love it because it breaks the monotonous hue of the piece and makes it stand out by lending an interesting, retro vibe to my ensemble.

Now, one thing about jumpsuits is that there are women who find it intimidating because of the huge piece of fabric to work with. One tip is to make sure that the waistline is defined. Some jumpsuits, like mine, have structures that already define the waist. Otherwise, you can wrap a belt around it, or even a jacket!

Jumpsuits go well with a lot more accessories other than a belt—its versatility is comparable to a quintessential dress. You’ve got the same unlimited choices depending on what look you’re going for with a jumpsuit. I was on the go, so I went with the essentials to keep it fuss-free: a stunning pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and a wide-brim hat from my trip to St. Barth. I also wore a pair of Ancient Greek sandals. They are made from smooth leather and became more supple throughout usage—great for walking around the city.



Jumpsuit as a Practical Alternative to Summer Dresses


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    3 comments on “Jumpsuit as a Practical Alternative to Summer Dresses”

      Violet says:

      So easy, yet so stylish!

      Sonya says:

      Great jumpsuit, I love jumpsuits all year round primarily because of the versatility and comfort.

      elena says:

      Thank you for your comment, Sonya.

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