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Snorkeling in Style: What to Wear to Avoid Sunburns

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With temperatures soaring, there’s a high chance people are heading to the beach to cool down. I recently dived into the waters myself with my boys for an afternoon of snorkeling. Unfortunately, even underwater, there is no guarantee that we are protected from harsh and strong UV rays. Today, I’m showing you exactly what to wear to avoid sunburns while snorkeling in style.

Snorkeling isn’t particularly restrictive when it comes to what you should wear; most people are advised to wear any comfortable swimsuit, whether it’s a bikini or a wetsuit. The problem is UV rays can penetrate the water and can cause sunburns to exposed skin.

So what do you wear to avoid sunburns?

Your best bet are full-coverage, sun-protective swimsuits. Here, I’m wearing a full outfit from Cabana Life, a brand that offers swimwear with 50+ UV protection. Not only does full-coverage block harsh rays, it also protects you from ocean particles that could sting or bite your skin.

The rashguard, while simple at first glance, has lovely details regular rashguard styles seem to come short of. Its delicate scalloped edges and laser cut design ensured that I was snorkeling in style. In fact, I think think this rashguard is so elegantly crafted that I can see myself pairing it with non-swimwear bottoms: perhaps a midi skirt or light denim pants!

The swim pants I wore have an energizing blue pattern on them that camouflaged so well with the marine life I explored with my boys that afternoon. Not to mention, they’re super comfy and breathable—important factors when choosing your snorkeling outfit!

What do you wear to snorkel in style and avoid sunburns? Sound off in the comments!

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