The Mad-Hatter

Well, this is no Alice in Wonderland, but summertime is approaching which means: HATS HATS HATS!! The most essential accessory to have during the summertime is a trendy hat. Not only can hats really transform a bland outfit, but they are very protective from sun rays and harsh heat, while you are undergoing your outdoor activities. I have picked out a few of my favorites hats that I will be wearing during the heat season, and their benefits when it comes to your skin protection! Enjoy, and make sure you let me know which one is your favorite!

Baseball Cap

Baseball Caps for women’s fashion is on the come up. I remember when you only would wear a baseball cap for a bad hair day. Boy have times changed! Most women wear baseball caps to simplify their outfit, or for a quick run into Target. They are becoming very popular to wear with cuffed jeans and a plain white tee! With the wide brim visor on baseball hats, it will protect you from the direct hit of the sun.


Yee-haw! This stylish new trend is taking a turn! Are you going to a country concert anytime soon? Or are you just going to the park with your kids? Style it up with a Cowboy hat that can set off any romper, or any simple outfit! Just like the baseball cap, the wide brim will definitely protect you from the sun, and also will protect your back if you are wearing a strapless/tank top outfit! Let the summertime fun begin!


Ladies! This is my ultimate favorite!! With Fedoras you can pair them with any outfit- year round! They are no longer considered a summer hat. I am obsessed with this fashion accessory, and I am so glad that you can wear Fedoras with almost anything and everything.Fedoras can really be the game changer with your outfit: you can be flirty, sophisticated, or casual. Fedoras come in all sizes and shapes, but the most common design you should consider purchasing would be a hat with a wide brim. The wide brim prevents harsh rays from outdoor activities, and they also can help protect your facial features.


Let’s take a trip to Panama, with this super chic Panama Hat! It is described to be a shorter version of the Fedora, but more of a stiff brim. The Panama hat has the same added benefits as the Fedora. Going out for a girls dinner, or maybe going wine tasting? This is the hat for you. It is very simple, but still adds a bonus of texture and style to your overall outfit.

Straw Hats

Working in the garden? Sitting on the porch all day long? Or going on a simple stroll through the park! This hat screams, PICK ME! Like most of these hats the wide brim adds extra support to your protection from the sun. Make sure with these hats you are also wearing sunscreen on your cheeks and chin, due to the fact that the UV rays can still slip through the fibers!


Serena Williams you have competition! The visor, also known as the tennis hat, is such an added bonus to protecting your face from the harsh rays. Why do you think all tennis players wear these hats all day long! While they are trying to beat their opponents, they are also trying to hide away from sun. Visors have the widest front brim out of all the hats described today, so your entire face will be protected, while you are being stylish.


Turban hats are a new style that just evolved around 2014-2015. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face, but it also absorbs the sweat and the sun rays coming directly onto your head. When I think of Turbans, I automatically think of the fashion sleek items that Elizabeth Taylor would wear. Absolutely gorgeous! Even though they do not completely protect your body from the sun, you are still getting more added protection than not wearing a hat.

Boater Hats

This style is something that I was recently introduced too. They are super comfortable, and also provide you with almost a nautical feel! You can pair this cute essential with a nice romper, or dark denim jeans with a white tee for a more comfortable look! Even though boater hats are not as protective as some of the other options, it will still protect the top of your head from the UV Rays!

Bucket Hat

What are bucket hats? I consider them the trendy fishing hat! I have seen this style transform from the “Dad Hat” to seeing women wearing these at concerts. The lightweight material can absorb sweat, as well as, protect you. Because these hats have a lightweight brim, you can easily adjust it to your style preference. My favorite are the summer colors that you can wear while you are out on the beach!

Floppy Hat

THE WINNER! This hat is the winner of all hats- when it comes to protection from the sun. With the extremely wide and flexible full coverage brim, the sun does not stand a chance. I normally choose to wear this hat when I know I will be on the beach for extended periods of time. With the extremely wide brim on these hats, it can almost protect your skin to around your waistline! That is incredible, and extra helpful when you are spending those long hours in the sun. This hat will provide you with a very stylish and sophisticated look with any outfit. The bigger the hat, the more the compliments!