Meet My Dog – My Fluffy and Cuddly Best Friend!

They say a dog is a man’s best friend (or a woman’s in this case) and I believe there’s plenty of truth in that saying.   I can do so many things with my gorgeous Golden Retriever Kode!

He is definitely a wonderful source of relaxation.  Kode shows me so much love and affection, and he’s always pleased to see me!  It feels so special to come home to be greeted with this ball of the fluffiest, soft fur and smiling, eager face.

And there are many more reasons why having a dog is good for both, health and sanity:

Playing with Dog Makes Us Happy

I adore cuddling with Kode!  Did you know, when you cuddle a dog your body releases the same hormone as when you cuddle a human?   Looking into your dog’s eyes releases this hormone too – which is why people describe “puppy eyes” – fact!    Oxytocin is a hormone crucial for childbirth and labor, breastfeeding, and social behaviors and bonding.  It plays a big role in maternal bonding, trust and altruism.  Read more about oxytocin,  “the love hormone” here .

Great Therapy

There’s a reason dogs are used as “Pet Therapy” for those who suffer mental health disorders, and especially for those who find it hard to open up to other people.  Dogs aren’t judgemental; they are loving and they lift spirits. Just petting a dog boosts flagging mood by releasing endorphins, the feel-good hormone. This is also a reason why dogs are often used as a therapy tool for depression.  Having a dog is most definitely a tonic!  They help us to remove from our own problems.   A report by the American Psychological Association found that people with dogs were happier and more well-adjusted.

Your dog is your best friend, fact

If you provide him or her with love, food and treats not to mention plenty of hearty walks your dog will love you forever!    Your dog won’t be moody, never be upset with you and remain loyal to you no matter what.  Now to me, having that type of joy in my life is priceless.  My dog also is an amazing stress-reliever!   I have the luxury of working from home, and I find my Kode to be an immense support.  Of course, many offices wouldn’t dream of allowing a dog in the building, but a couple of snapshots of your furry friend might help to alleviate stress symptoms when you’re having one of those days.

They Encourage You To Exercise

Having a dog encourages me to get outside and walk.  And walking is good for the soul and it’s also good for the heart. In fact, there was a Japanese study a few years back which found that 54% of people with a dog were more likely to get outside and enjoy their recommended daily exercise quota.

Dogs Have A Sixth Sense

Finally, my dog is my rock. He knows when something isn’t quite right. If I’m unhappy he automatically senses it and comforts me, trying to cheer me up.  And when I’m tired, he will come and sit with me, curling up on my lap or beside me just to offer companionship.  If I’m scared, he picks up the vibe and goes into protective mode – guarding me against danger.

So if you were thinking about getting a dog I hope my post will encourage you to start making enquiries. You can always adopt a dog for a few days to see how well you get on. I’m sure you won’t regret it – your life will be infinitely better for introducing a furry friend into the family.  You have my word!