Snorkeling in Style: What to Wear to Avoid Sunburns

With temperatures soaring, there’s a high chance people are heading to the beach to cool down. I recently dived into the waters myself with my boys for an afternoon of snorkeling. Unfortunately, even underwater, there is no guarantee that we are protected from harsh and strong UV rays. Today, I’m showing you exactly what to wear to avoid sunburns while snorkeling in style.

Snorkeling isn’t particularly restrictive when it comes to what you should wear; most people are advised to wear any comfortable swimsuit, whether it’s a bikini or a wetsuit. The problem is UV rays can penetrate the water and can cause sunburns to exposed skin.

So what do you wear to avoid sunburns?

Your best bet are full-coverage, sun-protective swimsuits. Here, I’m wearing a full outfit from Cabana Life, a brand that offers swimwear with 50+ UV protection. Not only does full-coverage block harsh rays, it also protects you from ocean particles that could sting or bite your skin.

The rashguard, while simple at first glance, has lovely details regular rashguard styles seem to come short of. Its delicate scalloped edges and laser cut design ensured that I was snorkeling in style. In fact, I think think this rashguard is so elegantly crafted that I can see myself pairing it with non-swimwear bottoms: perhaps a midi skirt or light denim pants!

The swim pants I wore have an energizing blue pattern on them that camouflaged so well with the marine life I explored with my boys that afternoon. Not to mention, they’re super comfy and breathable—important factors when choosing your snorkeling outfit!

What do you wear to snorkel in style and avoid sunburns? Sound off in the comments!

Day Time Beach Party

During our last trip to St. Barth we were invited to a private picnic lunch on Colombier Beach.  This beloved beach can only be reached by a hiking trail or by boat.  The invitation indicated a 12 p.m. docking time.  I was very apprehensive  about going because this event was taking place in the middle of the day when UV ratings are at the highest.  However, the picnic was set to celebrate my good friend’s birthday, and I did not want to miss the fun because of my need to avoid sun.   So I vigorously covered myself with sunblock, put on this 50+SPF swimsuit, donned a wide brim straw hat and got on that yacht.

As we anchored off of Colombier Beach and I saw the prestine white sand, gorgeous clear water and a flowing white tent set up, I was overwhelmed with happiness.  This beach was ideal for swimming and snorkeling.  My boys spent the entire afternoon in the water while I enjoyed a fantastic lunch and live music in the shade.  This day turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences and I was proud that on that morning I refused to let melanoma alter my life.

On this day I wore gorgeous Tomas Maier Palm-print long-sleeve swimsuit paired with James Perse Linen Trousers.  I finished the look with Eric Javits wide brim floppy hat.  Eric Javits has become my favorite hat designer.  His hats block 95% of UVA and UVB rays while adding a cool edge to any wardrobe.







Day On the Boat

Most of us who have ever been on a diet would be familiar of the fear instigated upon intake of particular food groups, and the lengths we would probably take just so we could avoid particular foods. To be honest with you, I can say the same for my fear of being out in the sun. When we were invited to cruise around Miami on a boat that belonged to our dear friends, this fear initially jogged through my decision to go, tucking me in and holding me back from joining. There’s the image of the ocean spread before my eyes, and then there’s the sun’s rays drinking up my skin. And I thought, maybe not.

But maybe yes, too—because ultimately that’s now how things should be. You see, fearing and hiding from the sun isn’t a bad thing. But it becomes a real issue when you let it control your lifestyle—and that’s something you definitely don’t need happening. It’s you, really, who needs to take control. Sun protection is about adjustments to sun exposure, and that’s something you can definitely work on with fashionable clothing and daytime schedules.

For the boat ride, I wore a long-sleeved, printed rashguard surf suit from Mara Hoffman, and a long skirt for maximum coverage. To accessorize, I chose this pair of Illesteva Mirrored sunglasses and my favorite baseball hat—it made up for a cool, carefree look in all. I ducked under shaded areas of the boat when the sun was at its midday peak, but definitely went out once the rays were a lot less harsh.

Needless to say, I was very happy that I went—very happy that I exchanged my fear for a warm, lovely day with close friends. We spent a day cruising around vibrant Miami; at one point, even swimming in a canal where dolphins were swimming, too. We docked, and sat down to the most amazing crawfish lunch on the boat, making happy chitchat over our plates. And then much later in the day, we cruised into the sunset and wound down.





Mara Hoffman

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