Enjoying the Beach Safely

Enjoying the Beach Safely

While we’re exposed to harmful sun rays everywhere we go, the beach still peaks as a place where we run the highest risk of skin damage. Not only do we have to dress less and show more skin, but there are other factors—such as the ocean catching and reflecting sunlight—that can wreck our skin and hair. This doesn’t mean that we have to slip into full-length pieces all the time, nor does it mean we should avoid the beach altogether! What this means is that we should work around the situation and take extra steps to protect ourselves from UV rays.

I’ve found ways to enjoy the beach safely while staying on top of my style game. For one, I like to invest in quality swimwear with eye-catching patterns, like this Mila long-sleeved one-piece. It has a sophisticated, sleek design and is made with a soft, UPF 50 material. The fabric is ideal for activities like swimming and snorkeling; out of the water, it dries quickly. So I didn’t have to walk around in an uncomfy, soaked swimsuit with this piece!

I styled it with a long black wrap-around skirt, a House of Lafayette Billy Bob hat, and Illesteva cat-eye sunglasses. The result is an elegant, monochromatic look, with a beautiful design that cascades from the top, and a skirt that billows around my feet.

Here are some of my :

  • Always wear a sun hat and sunglasses. The shade they give are closer in range compared to that of a beach umbrella. This is helpful when you factor in the reflection of sunlight from the waters.
  • Apply sunscreen often.
  • Invest in a protective swimsuit—it may be pricier, but it can do wonders and truly save your skin!
  • While you’re at it, don a cover wrap, too. It can lend you extra coverage for when you’re out of the water.
  • Avoid hanging out at the beach from 10 AM to 4 PM, when the UV rays are most dangerous. Instead, take a dip before or after those hours. Not only does your skin bask in less damaging light and heat, but you also get to enjoy the horizon during the golden hours. (Fashion blogger tip: these are the best times to take pictures! *wink*)

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