Boho Chic Sun-Safe Outfit for Sunday

If there’s anything worth planning sun-safe Sunday outfits for, it’s a Sunday that I’m gonna be spending with my family. This casual outfit with a boho-chic flair is what I wore to a fun day with my kids at the museum, then to lunch, and then, to a farmer’s market. Knowing the lineup for the day, I dressed appropriately. And in true sun-sensible fashion, my ensemble provided full coverage!

Here, I wore tailored separates in relaxed silhouettes. My Talitha cotton top features a lace-up detail and Ikat embroidery. The sleeves are long and gathered, with enough wiggle room for comfort and ventilation. For a fresh, modern take, I paired it with minimalist linen pants.

I lightened the outfit up with Penelope Chilvers mules featuring a cutout, paisley design. It helps that mules are the It Shoes for the warm weather. These ones lent an earthy, feminine charm that amplified the bohemian flair of my top. I also love that the paisley design gave the illusion that I’m wearing lace on my feet!

For accessories, I wore a fedora hat that was a delightful match for my linen pants—great for pulling the outfit together and covering my face and neck. The fedora also had an androgynous appeal to me and added another laidback layer to my outfit. Then, I touched things up with a pair of sunglasses. I think few people realize the serious toll the sun can take on their eyes. So more than a fashion statement, sunglasses serve my eyes with sun-protection.

Finally, I carried a Hermes canvas bag with me. It’s a great durable everyday option for lugging tools and equipment around town!

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