Sun-Sensible Swimwear for a Sport-Filled Beach Day

When choosing sun-sensible swimwear for a sport-filled beach day, my go-to outfit formula is a rashguard, well-fitted swim pants, and a straw hat with a broad brim. It’s fairly easy to figure out why! This outfit formula gives me the freedom of motion I need for fun beach activities while retaining optimum coverage to block damaging sun rays.

Choose the Right Fabric

As much as I cheer everyone who dresses in maximum coverage for sun protection, I have to say, choosing the right fabrics goes a long way. You can dress in a rashguard and long swim pants, but are the fabrics protecting your skin enough?

So many apparel brands use sun-protective fabrics now. It’s a nice elevation from basic fabric blends that don’t offer as much sun protection. And when it comes to our skin health, investing in sun-sensible clothing is always commendable and worth the price tag.

You can spot some of these brands in my blogs here and here

Today, I’m introducing you to one more sun-sensible swimwear brand: Dallas-based fashion label, Cover.

The patterned rashguard and black, fitted swim pants I’m wearing from Cover are both made with certified UPF 50+ jersey fabric. This means that it blocks at least 98% of damaging UV rays from the sun. This material is breathable and water-wicking. It also keeps me cool out of the water, which is a huge plus when you’ve got a long beach day!

I wore this in the morning for a fun stand-up paddle boarding at the beach with my boys. By noon, of course, I had ducked out of the sun and into the shade of a beach cafe for a lunch with my friends.