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Why Sunglasses are Essential All Year Round

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Many if us associate sunglasses with the summer season and toss them away once autumn arrives.  But the truth is our eyes need protection all your round!  That’s because the UV rays are still there whatever the weather.  And with the treasure trove of designs, brands and colors available protecting our eyes is very easy:)

Here are few benefits sunglasses provide, hopefully they will encourage you to reach for your trendy shades more often than before:

UV damage can cause harm to your eyes and once the damage has been done, the damage is irreversible.

You may think that only the skin is affected by the sun’s UV rays, but the truth is eyes are just as vulnerable!   Did you know that 20% of cataract cases come from UV exposure?

As well as cataracts, UV penetration can cause macular degeneration which is irreparable damage to the retina – this can lead to blindness.  UV exposure is also responsible for many cases of Pterygium (astigmatism).  This is a defect in the eye caused by a tissue that grows over the white part of the eye; this changes the eyeball’s shape.

The sun also causes premature aging.  The skin around your eyes is very fine already, much finer and thinner than other areas of your body.  Too much sun exposure will usually create loose, saggy and pigmented skin.

A lot of skin cancer starts on the eyelids.

Skin cancer is one of those conditions that a lot of people do not think they would get until they already have it. Since people do not usually place sunscreen on their eyelids, this may be the most vulnerable part of the skin that is normally exposed to the sun’s rays. By wearing sunglasses, you can help the amount of UV rays that you may get from the sun’s rays to be reduced greatly.

 You shouldn’t be tempted by cheap sunglasses because often they don’t have sufficient protection.

Luckily today many sunglasses carry labels to show what level of protection they have.   Check the label and ask the right questions before you buy.  When you choose your sunglasses examine them carefully and make sure there is no distortion on the lenses and no cracks/scratches or imperfections. If you’re looking for advice, coloured lenses are considered the best for the eyes because they significantly reduce light intensity so you can see things more naturally.

Wearing sunglasses is one big positive statement you can make in the fight against skin cancer, eye problems and cataracts.   Pair your glasses with a fabulous sun sensible hat and channel your inner Hollywood Film Star!


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