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5 Tips for Wearing Wide-brimmed Hats This Winter

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Wide-brimmed hats can provide just as much protection from the sun in the winter as they do in the summer. These chic hats make a great accessory to winter outfits while protecting our face from the aging effects of the cold air, harsh wind and snow amplified sun rays of winter.

The great thing about wide-brimmed hats is that they are a seasonless wear, meaning they are in fashion from spring to winter. They are also extremely stylish and can add a level of polish to any outfit, no matter how simple or formal.

Not sure how to fit wide-brimmed hats into your winter wardrobe? Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays in style this winter:

Pair simple hats with simple outfits.

A hat such as a simple white fedora should be paired with an equally simple outfit. Think flowing, shapeless dresses, minimalist pantsuits or worn in jeans and a simple long sleeve tee to pair with this hat style.

Use accessories to tie the hat into the outfit.

Matching accessories is a great way to bring an outfit together. A brown hat can be paired with a brown belt and brown boots to seamlessly blend the hat into the overall look.

Drift toward felt hats in the winter months.

Felt hats are a good choice for the winter and fall months, for more reasons than just being more fashionable during those months. Felt hats keep heat trapped inside, which can help keep your head warm and cozy during the harsh winter months.

Make sure to get the right fit.

Choosing a hat that is the right fit is important for many reasons. The fit of a hat can really effect the appearance!  A hat that is too small or too big isn’t as attractive as one that fits the way it is supposed to. A hat that is too big may easily blow away in the wind.  And a hat that is too small can be tight and uncomfortable. Be sure to try the hat on instore to make sure it fits before purchasing, or measure your head circumference to make sure to order the right fit when ordering a hat online.

Choose hats in neutral colors.

You don’t have to break the bank by purchasing a hat to pair with every outfit. If you only have enough cash available in the budget to purchase one or two hats, choosing neutral colors such as black, tan or gray is a good way to ensure that they can be easily paired with multiple outfits.

Whether you want to keep your face protected from the sun’s harmful rays, keep your head and ears warm or simply hide a bad hair day, a wide-brimmed hat is a must-have fashion accessory this winter.

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