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As I write this first post I’m feeling happy, grateful, beautiful, excited, and triumphant! And what I feel now is exactly what I want this site to be about. As I embark on this journey, I seek to share with you my happiness of being here, present in this very moment… gratitude for the life that I lead and the opportunity to share some of it with you… beauty of travel, family, and an active lifestyle… and excitement about sun sensible fashion. Most importantly, I want to share with you how I kicked fear in the rear and tossed it out of my mind, with the hope to influence you to do the same, even if just a little bit.

Recently, I crossed a five year mark since I was diagnosed with melanoma. Thankfully, I am now melanoma free, but as I look back over these last few years, I realize how far I have come from being obsessed with staying away from the sun, frightened by the possibility of the most horrid of outcomes, and paranoid pretty much about everything! With time, and lots of hard work, I have made a conscious decision and resolve to have fun with life, with family and friends, and, of course, with fashion! I may no longer wear skimpy swim suits to the beach, but oh how much I revel in sinking into a silky colorful caftan that flows effortlessly over my body. I may no longer be able to expose my face too much in the sun, but oh how excited I am about my collection of fun wide brimmed hats. So here I go… I will share with you what I learned along the way and what I continue to learn about living life in the sun, while being conscious of its rays. I am not a doctor and I don’t intend to provide any medical advice, but I am a fun loving, health conscious, fashion forward woman who has a thing or two to share about leading a sun sensible lifestyle. Enjoy and please feel free to provide your feedback!

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