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Rashguard Surf Suit by Mara Hoffman

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If you’re curating pieces for a sun sensible wardrobe like I am, it’s always important to invest in fabulous accessories. And by fabulous, I mean fabulous: go all out! Choose hats that add a lot of character and sunnies with topnotch quality. The incredible thing about women’s fashion is that nothing—not even accessories that protect you from the UV rays—is underrated. There are designers who produce pieces that are both lovely and functional.

Today, I’m highlighting some of my favorite accessories. I wore a rashguard surf suit by Mara Hoffman, which features a quirky, fun print that captures the colors of that playful morning on the beach. The rest of the outfit was pretty light and bare, because I wanted to run around and catch a bit of the early morning rays. I only put two choice accessories on: one is a pair of sunglasses from a beloved Berlin-based eyewear company, ic! Berlin. The materials these sunglasses are made with are second to none. The lenses provide absolute protection for the eyes, and the shades are lightweight, unbreakable, and do not leave any marks. Not to mention, the design is stylish! Just look at that pink rainbow flare!

Another thing I accessorized with is the Yosuzi “Simea” hat. It’s not too hard to fall in love with it. It has a refreshing, vibrant design that bring on notes of warm sand and summer dreams. It features a flat top, but the brim of the hat can be turned up or down to create a different hat silhouette. The pompom embellishment on the hat completely perked it up. Venezuelan craftsmen made this by hand.

Sticking to the summery color palette, I wore a pulled over pair of coral linen beach pants.

Functionally, outfits like this work well because after frolicking on the beach, I was able to wear the same clothes to a late breakfast at a seaside cafe.

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