July 4th Celebration

Have A Sunny, Carefree July 4th Celebration

No doubt you will agree that the July 4th is a phenomenal day in the calendar and one that I look forward to every year.  It’s a genuine privilege to be able to celebrate American Independence and I feel honored to be able to do so with my family and friends in the Hamptons, one of my favorite places!  The USA is one of the greatest countries of the world and to live freely is a blessing.

Did You Know?

While we all know what the July 4th is about sometimes we forget the real history behind it.

As it so happens, July 4th isn’t the day Americans received independence from England.  It is actually the date when the Declaration of Independence (completed by John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R Livingston and Roger Sherman) was backed by all the 13 colonies.  The declaration was sent to the second Continental Congress. The original first Congress had been formed to try and persuade the British government to recognise the American colonies’ rights but it failed. The Second Congress formed during the American Revolution.

When the American Revolution ended on September 4th 1784, the date July 4thwas heralded a holiday because it commemorated day the declaration document was approved by the congress. It is believed to be the most important patriotic day in the US calendar.

How I Celebrate

This year I will join my family and friends at a relaxed, informal BBQ in the Hamptons.  It promises to be so much fun, with love and laughter. You’ll agree it’s just what everyone wants on this special date, especially when we live in turbulent times.  The food will be abundant and there will be plenty of celebratory drinks to enjoy and no doubt, as is usually the case in the Hamptons – the sun will be shining. Later on there’ll be a magnificent fireworks display – in red, white and blue of course!  All of the above makes for a perfect day in a poolside setting and while everyone will be having a super party; it’s still wise to take safety measures in the heat.

The weather in the area in July is usually hot, up to 80°F and while it can be humid, it’s mainly clear.  This is why it’s such a fantastic and much sought after destination for New Yorkers and other Americans who travel to the beach for some R&R, escaping the hot, dusty city.  It’s all too easy to get caught up in conversation during these exciting celebrations but everyone should be cautious to keep in mind how strong that Hamptons’ sun is.  This means taking the necessary precautions to make sure all the family are well protected throughout the day.

Here are my five top tips to help you stay cool – and safe in the sun!

  • Wear Factor 50 sunscreen. Put it on all exposed areas before going out in the sunshine.  Some people think that just by putting on sunscreen they are protected all day but that sun is exceptionally strong so top up every half an hour, paying particular attention to children who have delicate skin.  The UVA and UVB rays penetrate even through cloud so if by chance there’s a cloudy day in store don’t skimp on sunscreen.  While the sun is good for everyone in moderation (it increases Vitamin D stores and feels good), it is dangerous and sun damage could lead to cancerous melanoma, sunburn, age spots and premature aging.
  • Take a pretty parasol. I am a big fan of parasols especially the Persolé collection as they are bright colourful and sassy – perfect for an outdoor BBQ and always make a great conversation piece.  You should also stay out of the sun as much as possible, escaping every half hour or so indoors to give your skin the chance to recover from the heat.
  • Wear a protective hat which stops the top of your head from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and keeps your hair color from lifting. Hats are never boring – WOW your friends and family with a large brim straw hat perhaps with a colorful sash or a wild print.  Hats are always in fashion and look stylish especially when you put a large pair of UV protective sunglasses on too (another must-do).  This is a look favored by many of our famous film-stars, old and new – it’s such a gorgeous way of adding some Hollywood glamor to the suburbs of New York!
  • Drink plenty of water. The sun is very dehydrating and as well as damaging skin it can lead to headaches, nausea, muscle cramping and confusion if you become dehydrated.  July 4th celebrations normally last all day and into the night so keep an eye on your water intake and be sure to drink at least 3.5 pints.  If you do drink alcohol, alternate it with a glass of ice-cold water to counter the effects as alcohol acts as a diuretic which increases the chances of dehydration.
  • Wear sun-sensible clothing. There are plenty of beautifully made, high quality protective clothes which repel the sun’s harmful rays, keeping skin well-protected while looking stunning.  In breathable and soft fabrics, they are cool to the skin and even on the hottest days skin is well-protected.  Natural fibres are best to prevent perspiration, cool cotton, soft silk and lightweight linen for example.

What I Plan To Wear

For the July 4th celebration I’m attending I’m going to be wearing my favorite Piamita “Edith” floral dress, which is made of silk, a completely natural and breathable fibre so will keep me nice and cool.  I’ll also have my useful Marc Jacobs ¾ sleeve embellished denim jacket close to hand for when it cools down in the evening, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the array of colorful fireworks by standing inside! Additionally, always close by, I’ll wear my sunglasses and a hat and carry my brightly patterned Persolé parasol.  What will you be wearing to celebrate American Independence Day?


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