Happy New Year

A New Year is upon us!

Like many, I spend this time reflecting on what has transpired in the past year and setting up my intentions for the year to come. I had the perfect opportunity to reminisce on the picturesque train ride from Milan to Zermatt my family and I took over the Christmas holidays.

As the train chugged its way into the mountains and I sat watching the snow covered pine trees flash across the window, I was overcome with pure gratitude – gratitude for my life, health, family, and friends. I am grateful for garnering the courage to be “not just a penguin,” to not hide in the shadows and to come out into the sun to play – fashionably sun protected of course. I am grateful to not have melanoma. I am grateful to have my husband and two sons who support and love me, and give me the opportunity to love them back. I am grateful for all the travel I was able to embark. I am grateful to have the chance to share my experiences with all of you; to be involved in fashion; and to work with creative and insightful minds.

I am grateful for YOU!

They say that the process of taking the time to consciously acknowledge what you are grateful for spurs an increase of the “happy hormones” in your body. I have to say they are right, because I couldn’t be happier and more excited for the present moment, as well as for all that is to come. I look forward to continuing to share my ideas and experiences with you about fashion and a sun sensible lifestyle, and I encourage you to also share and provide constructive feedback along the way. Most importantly, I wish you all, my dear friends, a happy, exciting, positive, healthy, insightful, adventurous, and joyous New Year!