Pajamas in Public

Sartorial trends as of late are a mixed bag: there are crazy, wacky fads, then there are those tasteful enough to have staying power. Wearing pajamas in public, though, is a sun-sensible style trend I am completely dipping into. In that case, this trend might just be relevant to my sun-protective wardrobe for a while!

Protection and Comfort

Just think about it: wearing pajamas in public offers excellent sun protection AND all the same comfort that lulls you to sleep.  Pajamas enters a whole new level of casual cool, just like athleisure.  In addition, it doesn’t hurt that fast-fashion and high-end brands are churning out very chic pajama options.

The one I’m wearing has a whimsical print that takes inspiration from circus performances, magic, and thorny florals. The motif contrasts with the tea pink hue, which I simply adore. It’s all about a balanced design!

The key to wearing pajamas in public

Dress it up!  You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and forgot the fashion code. Instead, you want to look like you intended to stay comfortable throughout the day in your pajamas.

My take? Vamp it up with choice accessories. I wore chunky heels and sun-protective essentials, including round glasses from Christopher Kane and a handwoven straw hat from Maison Michel. The overall look turned out to give off a bold, quirky vibe—but nevertheless modern!

Do you like to wear pajamas in public? What sun-sensible style trends are you trying out this summer? Sound off in the comments section!

Robe from Zara

Summer is here, and it’s time to hang loose, enjoy the breeze and bask in the sun. During this time of the year, I always have to come up with drop dead gorgeous ways to cover up.

Robes as Sun Sensible Cover

As if on cue, the robe influenced trend is back this summer, and I absolutely love it! I am so excited that I get to add robes to my outfits this summer, ranging from laid back beach cover to lunch in town (over slip dress) to the evening out with friends.

It’s just so easy to do and appeals to my sun sensible ways. Robes manage to bring the comfort of the home to the outside world while protecting you from the sun. Fortunately, robes are easily available from many retailers.

One of my favorite robes is this one from Zara.  On this day, I wore it over my single piece swimsuit. This silk robe is lightweight, cool and comfortable, offering perfect sun protection.

This robe has a green background with a print of beige, green and red flowers. This print reminds me of all things summer. The color and print of this kimono style robe go well with the color of my swimsuit giving the illusion that they were bought as a set.

This printed kimono features a lapel collar and long sleeves. It also comes with front patch pockets, a contrast belt, and contrast piping. I, however, chose not to wear the belt, leaving the robe to flap in the wind. This kept me cool and exuded a laid-back chic feel.

Keeping with this feel, I let my hair down and accessorized with sunglasses to complete the look. If you are as excited about the summer as much as I am, get yourself a robe and enjoy the sun, without forgetting your sunscreen of course.

Have You Got A Passion For Patches?

Patches were the huge trend for denim in 1980s.  Every piece of denim had to have a patch or three sewn on, from  denim jacket to baggy jeans.  Well, this fashion is back with a vengeance!  It is everywhere and it’s not just for the kids.  Adults are definitely in on this trend too!  There are plenty of fashionistas  walking down Rodeo Drive or around 5th Avenue adorned from head to toe in denim with patches.  I could not resist the urge to get with the programm and dress up my sun sensible wardrobe!

DIY Your Denim

With a trend like this one you don’t have to go crazy spending hard earned cash on a new denim look.  Denim is a staple, practically every person in the world owns a piece of denim.  There was a Shopsmart poll which proved that on average women own 7 pairs of jeans.  If that sounds like you then don’t rush out to buy a pair of jeans with patches, make your own!  Or if you can’t face sewing patches on your favorite jeans, buy a cheap pair and decorate them – you’ll still save money.

All you need is an ironing board, iron, your chosen pair of jeans and a variety of cute patches that you’ve personally selected.  Either buy them online or go to your local haberdashery store where you’ll find plenty to choose from.  You can also match your patch to your personality.  If you want to be a little out there and bang on trend, choose a word to describe you or a childhood favorite cartoon character. If you’d rather approach the fashion a little more cautiously, a cute floral patch will work beautifully.  The possibilities are endless from mixing and matching to choosing one favored theme and sticking to it.

nj portrait photographer_elena_030

Don’t Limit Your Patch-Work!

Of course, this trend isn’t limited to just jeans.  While it started in the Spring of this year with denim, it’s now stretching onto other clothes.  Why not choose a different garment and put a few patches on your white shirt or bomber or military jacket?  Then you have the fashion easily sewn-up by throwing it over anything you wear at any time of the season.  You could add a few patches onto the sleeves, perhaps the pockets or decorate the back!  I love this look thrown over a neutral outfit such as with shades of gray and cream.   You could also try wearing your re-vamped denim jacket with ripped skinny jeans, a pair of chunky biker boots, big, statement earrings and you’ve got attitude all wrapped up!

So let’s get crafty – literally and embrace this trend but use your creativity to really own it!


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