5 Tips for Wearing Wide-brimmed Hats This Winter

Wide-brimmed hats can provide just as much protection from the sun in the winter as they do in the summer. These chic hats make a great accessory to winter outfits while protecting our face from the aging effects of the cold air, harsh wind and snow amplified sun rays of winter.

The great thing about wide-brimmed hats is that they are a seasonless wear, meaning they are in fashion from spring to winter. They are also extremely stylish and can add a level of polish to any outfit, no matter how simple or formal.

Not sure how to fit wide-brimmed hats into your winter wardrobe? Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays in style this winter:

Pair simple hats with simple outfits.

A hat such as a simple white fedora should be paired with an equally simple outfit. Think flowing, shapeless dresses, minimalist pantsuits or worn in jeans and a simple long sleeve tee to pair with this hat style.

Use accessories to tie the hat into the outfit.

Matching accessories is a great way to bring an outfit together. A brown hat can be paired with a brown belt and brown boots to seamlessly blend the hat into the overall look.

Drift toward felt hats in the winter months.

Felt hats are a good choice for the winter and fall months, for more reasons than just being more fashionable during those months. Felt hats keep heat trapped inside, which can help keep your head warm and cozy during the harsh winter months.

Make sure to get the right fit.

Choosing a hat that is the right fit is important for many reasons. The fit of a hat can really effect the appearance!  A hat that is too small or too big isn’t as attractive as one that fits the way it is supposed to. A hat that is too big may easily blow away in the wind.  And a hat that is too small can be tight and uncomfortable. Be sure to try the hat on instore to make sure it fits before purchasing, or measure your head circumference to make sure to order the right fit when ordering a hat online.

Choose hats in neutral colors.

You don’t have to break the bank by purchasing a hat to pair with every outfit. If you only have enough cash available in the budget to purchase one or two hats, choosing neutral colors such as black, tan or gray is a good way to ensure that they can be easily paired with multiple outfits.

Whether you want to keep your face protected from the sun’s harmful rays, keep your head and ears warm or simply hide a bad hair day, a wide-brimmed hat is a must-have fashion accessory this winter.

Enjoying the Beach Safely

Enjoying the Beach Safely

While we’re exposed to harmful sun rays everywhere we go, the beach still peaks as a place where we run the highest risk of skin damage. Not only do we have to dress less and show more skin, but there are other factors—such as the ocean catching and reflecting sunlight—that can wreck our skin and hair. This doesn’t mean that we have to slip into full-length pieces all the time, nor does it mean we should avoid the beach altogether! What this means is that we should work around the situation and take extra steps to protect ourselves from UV rays.

I’ve found ways to enjoy the beach safely while staying on top of my style game. For one, I like to invest in quality swimwear with eye-catching patterns, like this Mila long-sleeved one-piece. It has a sophisticated, sleek design and is made with a soft, UPF 50 material. The fabric is ideal for activities like swimming and snorkeling; out of the water, it dries quickly. So I didn’t have to walk around in an uncomfy, soaked swimsuit with this piece!

I styled it with a long black wrap-around skirt, a House of Lafayette Billy Bob hat, and Illesteva cat-eye sunglasses. The result is an elegant, monochromatic look, with a beautiful design that cascades from the top, and a skirt that billows around my feet.

Here are some of my :

  • Always wear a sun hat and sunglasses. The shade they give are closer in range compared to that of a beach umbrella. This is helpful when you factor in the reflection of sunlight from the waters.
  • Apply sunscreen often.
  • Invest in a protective swimsuit—it may be pricier, but it can do wonders and truly save your skin!
  • While you’re at it, don a cover wrap, too. It can lend you extra coverage for when you’re out of the water.
  • Avoid hanging out at the beach from 10 AM to 4 PM, when the UV rays are most dangerous. Instead, take a dip before or after those hours. Not only does your skin bask in less damaging light and heat, but you also get to enjoy the horizon during the golden hours. (Fashion blogger tip: these are the best times to take pictures! *wink*)

Elena-Meehan-8269 Elena-Meehan-8226

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Walk in the soft warmth of the sun

There is a time of the day when the sun isn’t as active and I can go out to enjoy its golden glow. Forty-five minutes before the sun sinks and the evening begins, UV ratings are at their lowest, and the light is friendlier to the skin. During this time, I grab the opportunity for a walk outside and bask in the soft warmth of the sun.

This walk along the beach with my family is one such time. Here, I wore a casual tank top with a long, flowy maxi wrap for extra cover. Darker fabrics actually let in less UV, and so this one is just fitting. I accessorized minimally to keep it easy. One is this gold cuff, which adds a touch of edge, and another is a fedora hat with a black bow detail, which lends a bit of drama to the outfit. Hats are another stylish accessory that helps protect from the sun, and these days, they can be worn in places other than the beach. I could talk about that some time.

Spending time at the beach, however, also means having to run the risk of getting sunburns.  While the rest of my family isn’t as strict as I am about sun protection, they still like to take extra precautions and stick to general rules that make them avoid UV rays as much as possible. Some of those that we swear by are these:

Create an agenda to avoid the midday sun—which is when it’s most harmful—by doing activities indoors. In such cases where outdoor activities are inevitable, try to prevent sunburn by seeking shade under a tree, a pop-up tent, or simply by using an umbrella.

Covering up the arms and legs—perhaps with a long-sleeved t-shirt, or pants, or maxi skirts—also help. This way, your clothes absorb UV rays and less of them penetrate your skin. Accessories like hats are great for shading the area of the face, as I mentioned earlier. There are, in fact, a variety of styles available that can cover everything from the scalp to the neck.

Putting on sunscreen, of course, is a general sun-protection tip that I do believe everyone must go by, including children. Anything with at least SPF 15, plus UVA and UVB protection are most recommended.


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Pom Poms and SPF

Saint Barth, Summer Hats, Pom Poms…OH MY! You heard right, cheerleaders aren’t the only ones that can rock the pom poms!  My recent vacation to Saint Barth was completely magical: the warm sand in my toes, the fascinating views, spending quality time with my family, and enjoying nature in style.

The only struggle with packing for an exotic vacation is you always want to pack your absolute favorites! For this trip- that’s exactly what I did.   I could not leave home without my favorite summer item.  I made this navy dress that I am wearing in the photo.  It is  so light and flattering on my figure, and it is made out of breathable UPF 50+ fabric!   This dress became an easy solution for when I am in a hurry – I just put it on for an instant sun protection.  It also  looks summer friendly while hiding me from those unfriendly rays.   I must have worn it a thousand times since I put a last stitch in it!  I really want to make more of these dresses before summer comes:)

I paired my dress with color-friendly shoes by Elina Linardak.  These Pom Pom sandals were so playful, I thought I was a kid on the playground again. I completed the look with spirit-filled summer hat with the matching pom poms! I love how this hat brought my outfit together, from the details in the texture, to the added pom poms placed in the center of the hat. Not to mention, this hat was chic and provided great coverage from my outtings in the sun.

No summer outfit is complete with out a pair of polarized sunnies. These sunshades set the entire mood for my outfit. With the rounded cat eye shape of the frame, it embodies some edgy characteristics- but also keeps the outfit looking sleek and summer friendly. This style of sunglasses can really transform an outfit.

If you are planning a family vacation, or just a simple park stroll with your family, you can always look trendy, and stay safe from the sun beat downs.  I have learned that the sun will not get the best of me, and I can always find fashionable alternatives to create a fabulous outfit.   What are your favorite summer outfits, or what do you like pairing your favorite summer dress with?



Pom Pom Sandals and Hat SPF

Day Time Beach Party

During our last trip to St. Barth we were invited to a private picnic lunch on Colombier Beach.  This beloved beach can only be reached by a hiking trail or by boat.  The invitation indicated a 12 p.m. docking time.  I was very apprehensive  about going because this event was taking place in the middle of the day when UV ratings are at the highest.  However, the picnic was set to celebrate my good friend’s birthday, and I did not want to miss the fun because of my need to avoid sun.   So I vigorously covered myself with sunblock, put on this 50+SPF swimsuit, donned a wide brim straw hat and got on that yacht.

As we anchored off of Colombier Beach and I saw the prestine white sand, gorgeous clear water and a flowing white tent set up, I was overwhelmed with happiness.  This beach was ideal for swimming and snorkeling.  My boys spent the entire afternoon in the water while I enjoyed a fantastic lunch and live music in the shade.  This day turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences and I was proud that on that morning I refused to let melanoma alter my life.

On this day I wore gorgeous Tomas Maier Palm-print long-sleeve swimsuit paired with James Perse Linen Trousers.  I finished the look with Eric Javits wide brim floppy hat.  Eric Javits has become my favorite hat designer.  His hats block 95% of UVA and UVB rays while adding a cool edge to any wardrobe.







The Mad-Hatter

Well, this is no Alice in Wonderland, but summertime is approaching which means: HATS HATS HATS!! The most essential accessory to have during the summertime is a trendy hat. Not only can hats really transform a bland outfit, but they are very protective from sun rays and harsh heat, while you are undergoing your outdoor activities. I have picked out a few of my favorites hats that I will be wearing during the heat season, and their benefits when it comes to your skin protection! Enjoy, and make sure you let me know which one is your favorite!

Baseball Cap

Baseball Caps for women’s fashion is on the come up. I remember when you only would wear a baseball cap for a bad hair day. Boy have times changed! Most women wear baseball caps to simplify their outfit, or for a quick run into Target. They are becoming very popular to wear with cuffed jeans and a plain white tee! With the wide brim visor on baseball hats, it will protect you from the direct hit of the sun.


Yee-haw! This stylish new trend is taking a turn! Are you going to a country concert anytime soon? Or are you just going to the park with your kids? Style it up with a Cowboy hat that can set off any romper, or any simple outfit! Just like the baseball cap, the wide brim will definitely protect you from the sun, and also will protect your back if you are wearing a strapless/tank top outfit! Let the summertime fun begin!


Ladies! This is my ultimate favorite!! With Fedoras you can pair them with any outfit- year round! They are no longer considered a summer hat. I am obsessed with this fashion accessory, and I am so glad that you can wear Fedoras with almost anything and everything.Fedoras can really be the game changer with your outfit: you can be flirty, sophisticated, or casual. Fedoras come in all sizes and shapes, but the most common design you should consider purchasing would be a hat with a wide brim. The wide brim prevents harsh rays from outdoor activities, and they also can help protect your facial features.


Let’s take a trip to Panama, with this super chic Panama Hat! It is described to be a shorter version of the Fedora, but more of a stiff brim. The Panama hat has the same added benefits as the Fedora. Going out for a girls dinner, or maybe going wine tasting? This is the hat for you. It is very simple, but still adds a bonus of texture and style to your overall outfit.

Straw Hats

Working in the garden? Sitting on the porch all day long? Or going on a simple stroll through the park! This hat screams, PICK ME! Like most of these hats the wide brim adds extra support to your protection from the sun. Make sure with these hats you are also wearing sunscreen on your cheeks and chin, due to the fact that the UV rays can still slip through the fibers!


Serena Williams you have competition! The visor, also known as the tennis hat, is such an added bonus to protecting your face from the harsh rays. Why do you think all tennis players wear these hats all day long! While they are trying to beat their opponents, they are also trying to hide away from sun. Visors have the widest front brim out of all the hats described today, so your entire face will be protected, while you are being stylish.


Turban hats are a new style that just evolved around 2014-2015. Not only does it keep your hair out of your face, but it also absorbs the sweat and the sun rays coming directly onto your head. When I think of Turbans, I automatically think of the fashion sleek items that Elizabeth Taylor would wear. Absolutely gorgeous! Even though they do not completely protect your body from the sun, you are still getting more added protection than not wearing a hat.

Boater Hats

This style is something that I was recently introduced too. They are super comfortable, and also provide you with almost a nautical feel! You can pair this cute essential with a nice romper, or dark denim jeans with a white tee for a more comfortable look! Even though boater hats are not as protective as some of the other options, it will still protect the top of your head from the UV Rays!

Bucket Hat

What are bucket hats? I consider them the trendy fishing hat! I have seen this style transform from the “Dad Hat” to seeing women wearing these at concerts. The lightweight material can absorb sweat, as well as, protect you. Because these hats have a lightweight brim, you can easily adjust it to your style preference. My favorite are the summer colors that you can wear while you are out on the beach!

Floppy Hat

THE WINNER! This hat is the winner of all hats- when it comes to protection from the sun. With the extremely wide and flexible full coverage brim, the sun does not stand a chance. I normally choose to wear this hat when I know I will be on the beach for extended periods of time. With the extremely wide brim on these hats, it can almost protect your skin to around your waistline! That is incredible, and extra helpful when you are spending those long hours in the sun. This hat will provide you with a very stylish and sophisticated look with any outfit. The bigger the hat, the more the compliments!

Tasseled Maxi Dress for Sun Sensible Lifestyle

I underwent a little bit of a heartbreak when I realized that committing to a sun sensible lifestyle meant that my wardrobe will be limited to full-length pieces. That means that none of those cute camisoles, sophisticated culottes, or short playsuits will make it into my day closet; I would have to start dressing for maximum coverage. What I discovered for my kind of lifestyle, though, is that the fashion industry has endless, stylish options for any dressing needs I had—I just really had to be open to the challenge and learn the rules of the style game.

One trick I learned? If you’re stocking up on full-length pieces, vamp it up with prints, patterns, trimmings, and inventive silhouettes. That way, you keep things playful and interesting.

One case in point I’ve had is this Dodo Bar Or tasseled maxi dress. It’s a breezy maxi dress made from black and white cotton-gauze, with a geometric op-art print that is no short of enchanting. It’s incredibly detailed, and I love every bit of it, from the silhouette-defining tassel trimmings to the gathered skirt. Needless to say, this dress has officially become my favorite for the summer, and I can’t rave enough about it!

The dress is already a showstopper, but I wanted to maximize it by pairing it with dark Celine sunglasses and a skull-embellished, black cowboy Bullhide hat. I wore it to lunch on the beach, and then a local town center for a casual shopping session with some of my friends.

I always get so ecstatic when I find something this intensely stylish for my sun sensible wardrobe. It doesn’t hurt that it’s versatile, too; I can definitely see myself wearing a lot more frequently and styling it in new ways in the future.

Sun Sensible Style Dodo Bar Or


Photographed by Max VanderNoot  https://www.facebook.com/maxvandernootphoto/?fref=ts